God Is Working in Brazil (part two)

           Two weeks ago I shared about our church’s mission trip to Santa Catarina, Brazil. I had more stories than space, so I’m picking up where I left off.

          Three years ago, Pastor Jim Thomas invited me to go on the First Baptist Church trip to Brazil,

Dr. David Chancey
God Is Working in Brazil, And We Get to Be In On It

          Two Fayetteville churches are on the front line of seeing God do amazing things in Santa Catarina, Brazil. First Baptist Church took a team of 19 in April and saw 793 come to Christ in Treze Tilias and Seara.

          Previously, McDonough Road Baptist Church travelled

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Vacation Bible School Is Upon Us!

          I’ve always been fascinated with “outer space.” When I was a kid, the US space program was going strong and our nation was in a race with Russia to send the first man to the moon.

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Rejoicing Over Fifth Grandchild, And what a round it was!

          April has been a good month for us. My middle daughter was born on April 15, our tax-day baby. Her firstborn was due May 2, 2011, but decided to make her appearance on April 25, 2011. We officially became members of the Grandparent’s club!

          Fast-forward to April of last year. My youngest daughter

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Does He Who Dies With the Most Toys Really Win?

          Our children are grown and gone now, but almost ten summers ago we had the privilege of having our son home for the summer after completing his freshman year of college. This is the son who now is a father of one and is awaiting child number two any day. He’s in the ministry serving on staff of a church in Charlotte.

Dr. David Chancey
Does God Consider You Faithful?

         James Merritt tells about a member of the first church he pastored in the backwoods of Kentucky. The man’s name was Raleigh Matthews. He lived on the same farm and attended the same church his entire life.


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Let's Try a Little Kindness

          A grieving father’s desire to honor his late son has quickly inspired thousands around the globe. Seventeen-year-old Dylan Vassallo was on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout and volunteered for several organizations when he took his life.

Dr. David Chancey
What Is Your Top Priority This Year?

          I heard about the men who went deer hunting and separated into pairs for the day. That night one of the hunters returned, staggering into camp under a 12-point buck.

          They asked, “Where’s Harry?”

          “Harry had a heart attack or something. He’s a couple of miles back up the trail.”

          “You mean you left Harry up there and you carried the deer down instead?”

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A Few More Stories For A Post-Christmas Lift

          One of our newer members commented, “You folks do Christmas all month long!” And we do! I love to preach Christmas sermons, and to collect Christmas stories. Now we’re on the other side of Christmas, gearing up for a New Year. But let’s let the Christmas spirit linger just a little longer, shall we?


David Chancey
What Is Your Favorite Christmas Story?

  The warm, feel-good stories shared at Christmastime enhance our celebration and prepare us to adore Him. The original Christmas story, recorded in Luke 2:1-20, can’t be topped. Yet, other stories, some from real life, others that are fiction, help us focus on the Gift God gave and the love He demonstrated.

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Now Thank We All Our God; Are You Thankful?

Martin Rinckart was an accomplished musician and dedicated pastor serving in Eilenberg, Germany, during the Thirty Years' War.  Eilenberg, a walled city, became a place of refuge for fugitives of the war, but because of overcrowding, the city also became a place of famine and disease.

Dr. David Chancey
Summer time meant summer jobs

The old song goes “Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy” but for some of us, summer time meant summer jobs and earning some money. When I was in fifth or sixth grade, I put a sign up in two convenience stores near our neighborhood that read, “Will Mow Lawns in Allenwood. Call David at ________.”