Dominican Republic - Rich in Tropical Scenery, Poor in Spiritual Culture Development

 David Chancey enjoys making the members of McDonough Road Baptist Church uncomfortable. When it comes to missions experiences, that is.

For the better part of his nearly two decades at the church he has encouraged youths and adults alike to get out of their comfort zone and participate on a mission trip. The church has been involved both domestically and internationally and he feels it develops an individual spiritually anytime they place themselves

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Dr. David Chancey
Stepping Forward at McDonough Road

FAYETTEVILLE — In the gospels, Jesus spoke of the danger in putting old wine into new wineskins. One mistake people assume is this is a warning against the old wineskins themselves. Not so. For their purpose, those skins had worked well.

But the introduction of new wine caused a conflict, a tear, in the old skins. Trying to mix the two didn’t work.

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Mary Stavenger