Dominican Republic Needs

The ministry needs in the Dominican Republic are great but so are the resources of Georgia Baptists.

“I can’t get the Dominican Republic off my mind. I see these people all the time. I wake up seeing them. They are really on my heart,” says State Missionary Frank Nuckolls.

Christopher Columbus is said to have fallen in love with the island of Hispaniola, just two hours from what one day would become Miami. The island’s north side is bordered by the Atlanta Ocean while the waves of the Caribbean wash up against is sandy white beaches of its southern shores.

Palm trees are plentiful in the island nation and stand in stark contrast to the foliage in Georgia.

In 1492 the island became a springboard for his Spanish conquest of the Caribbean and the American mainland. Today the eastern 5/8ths are occupied by the nation of the Dominican Republic, while the remaining 3/8ths is occupied by Haiti. The first inhabitants, the Caribes, 

Dr. David Chancey