VISION 20/20

Growing Younger, Praying Stronger


Goal #1: Strengthen The Appearance of Our Children’s and Student Ministries Areas by July 31, 2019

 Action steps:

Upgrade and enhance preschool hall and classrooms.  Paint walls, replace furniture, update toys and improve work stations and flow of rooms.

Refresh courtyard entrance to include a full-size reception desk for sign-in enhanced by a nice mural on walls and columns leading into the children’s wing.

Refresh eastside entrance by painting stairwell and welcome area.  Use color to enhance the entrance to the building.

Signage and security both inside and outside the building.  Use a large sign on the drive under to indicate children’s entrance only.  Use additional signs in the yard to reinforce the use of the entrance.  Improve signage inside the church from all entrances to help parents maneuver around. 

Add cameras inside rooms to protect our workers and children.

Replace stools in the Christian Activities Building

Add projector in the café area of the Christian Activities Building

Paint mural on main wall between gym and cafe  

Improve seating in the student Sunday School rooms


 Goal #2: Reach 65 younger families by December 2020.


Action steps:

Start new younger couples class

Discover new families through targeted events

Develop core of young families

Equip young families to reach other young families through activities and retreats that are family friendly


Goal # 3: Continue building connections to the community


 Action steps:

Enlist volunteers to serve in community events

Continue to raise visibility in area nursery/daycares, elementary, middle and high schools. 

Plan strategic evangelistic events (sports camps, Fall Festival, etc.). 


Goal # 4: Strengthen our corporate prayer life

 Action steps:

Plan two equipping opportunities for each year

Incorporate prayer moments in worship

Incorporate children praying for children by name

Preach a prayer sermon series by December 31, 2018

Pray for unchurched persons by name in small group classes.


Goal #5: Implement Evangelism initiative

Action steps: 

Share how to write a one-page testimony, have people write it and turn it into the office and use on church website

Video testimonies to use in our worship services occasionally

Explain “concentric circles of concern” and encourage members to identify unchurched and lost people to place in their circles to pray for and witness to

Set up a canopy at community events where we can distribute bottles of water and share the gospel

Train community ambassadors how to share using bracelets to tell the story of Jesus.